Like roulette, the game of baccarat attracted people who tried to find “win-win strategies.” But if we compare it with roulette, then in baccarat the selection of bets is limited, and most of the tricks boil down to changing the rate indicator depending on the past results. Popular in baccarat, poker are the following strategies: the Martingale method, the Donald-Nathanson strategy, as well as Whitaker, D’Alembert and many others.

“Just like in roulette, there is no 100% strategy here that will give you the opportunity not to lose. After all, the participant does not make decisions during the gameplay, so there is no most effective strategy either. More precisely, the optimal tactic is to bet on the pot. The superiority of the casino in the bets on the bank is 1.06%, on the gambler higher – 1.24%, and on the draw – 7-14% (depending on the payout ratio) “, – explains the representative of Betboys.

Baccarat game of cards: varieties

Besides the American version, there are other types of baccarat. But the essence of the game remains unchanged: you need to collect more points without exceeding the value of 9. In baccarat, the rules may differ depending on the following factors:

  • The number of participating decks (1-8).
  • Number of participants (up to 14 players).
  • Rules for the distribution, as well as the purchase of cards, including the size and order of payments;
  • The role of the dealer can be performed by a permanent person or any player and alternately exchange with other participants.
  • Payments come from the bank or rates. In a casino there is a range of bets that are paid by the establishment. If the participants compete with each other, then the pot is made up of the rates, and then goes to the winner.
  • Layout on tables in various types of games.

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