This game is from the category of gambling card games . It is not particularly entertaining, it is not at all fun, but meanwhile, among the players in high esteem and in the list of card games, it does not take the last place. It is worth mentioning that the legendary agent 007 is also a fan of it in Casino Royale). The whole game is based on luck. It has many similarities with macao, the old and now obsolete galbzwelf, the same bankers and the same ponters. Baccarat is based on the rules of the game , which, as in all card games of this kind, are simple.

  1. Baccarat is played in two complete mixed decks of cards, which are shuffled first by one of the partners, and then by the banker himself, and the banker has the right to throw several cards under the deck, but not otherwise than warning the players about it.
  2. They sit down arbitrarily, and not on the cards.
  3. According to the rules of the game Baccarat – the number of players is not limited. They can, whenever they like, finish the game and leave the table, and they can also join at the waist, of course, with the permission of the banker.
  4. After the cards are stuck, the banker must let one of the players remove the deck.
  5. The ATM dealt cards one at a time, first from left to right to all players, not excluding himself, then, but another card from right to left. Thus, each punter receives two cards.
  6. The dealt cards matter only by the number of their points.
  7. Each punter, before receiving two cards from the banker, must put next to him the amount of money he wants to risk.
  8. The ATM doubles every bet.
  9. In the game of Baccarat, the winning points are 9, 19 and 29. Also good are the cards with 8, 18 and 28 and, finally, good 7, 17 and 27.
  10. The numbers 6, 16 and 26 are included in the calculation, but they have relatively little chances of winning.
  11. Each piece in baccarat counts as 10 points.
  12. The banker’s cards always have an advantage over the punters’ cards, that is, if the banker’s and the punter’s points are the same, then the bet is taken first.
  13. If the banker has 9 or 19, then he immediately opens the cards and takes all the punters’ bets for himself, despite the fact that some players had the same number of points with him, i.e. 9 or 19.
  14. If the banker rolls 8 or 18, and one of the punters has 9 or 19, then the banker pays only to this one punter, and receives from the rest himself.
  15. If several punters had the number 9 or 19 at the same time, then the banker pays them all.
  16. If neither the punters nor the banker have either 8 or 9 in their hands, then it is allowed to buy.
  17. According to the rules of the Baccarat game, the purchase order is as follows: first, a ponter, sitting on the right side of the banker, buys. Then the one sitting on the left, behind him again the ponter on the right side, and then the player sitting on the left, etc.
  18. You can buy no more than one card.
  19. After all, the banker has the right to buy for himself.
  20. After some punters announced a game on their cards, others bought, the banker announced a game or a purchase, all the players open the cards.
  21. And now, by scoring, win or lose is determined.
  22. Examples of winning and losing: if the banker has 6 points, and one of the punters has 7 and the other has 5, then the banker pays to the first, and receives from the second; but if both punters have 7 or 8 points, then the banker pays them both; if the punters and the banker have equal numbers of points, then all bets (single punters and double bankers) are divided into as many equal parts as the number of players who have this number, for example: 6 points had two punters and a banker, the total amount of bets was 18 rubles. , each had 6 rubles. This division is considered the only exception.
  23. The one who has only 4 points has the right to buy.
  24. The number of points 10, 20 and 30 is called baccarat and enjoys special advantages.
  25. According to the rules of the Baccarat game, the banker is not obliged to transfer the bank to another player after a certain time, or at the end of the waist, and no one should demand this.

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