Baccarat is a popular card game that originated from illegal casinos and hidden VIP clubs many years ago. Over time, it spread around the globe, and today anyone can play live Baccarat game in a few clicks. This is a very fast one-person card game with straightforward rules and multiple bets. Instead of other players, your opponent will be the banker itself.

At the beginning of the round, you must place a bet, which hand wins – yours or the banker’s. After that, both sides receive 3 cards and compare hands. The winner is the one with the most points up to 9. Cards 10, Jack, Queen and King give 0 points, Ace gives 1 point, and cards 2-9 give points according to their number. If you have scored more than 9 points, then only the second digit is counted. For example, if your hand is 18, then your score will be 8. With the appearance of live dealers, Baccarat reborn and became even more popular than before. In the following sections you will find out all the details about the best live Baccarat online casinos.

Bitcoin casinos with live Baccarat

Live dealers have made the entire table games category a thousand times more interesting. Classic Blackjack or Baccarat is one thing, and when the dealer is a live person is another. You can chat, joke and discuss the bet, which makes Baccarat live game feel completely different. In addition, when playing live, you can be 100% sure that the casino is not rigged, because you see all the cards.

Today many gamblers prefer bitcoin casinos because it is one of the most convenient payment methods on the Internet. If you want to find a live Baccarat online casino with bitcoin deposits and live dealer, you can choose one of these:

  1. Large selection of games, including Baccarat table game and live Baccarat. Weekly promotions, all kinds of modern games, great online and 24/7 live dealers.
  2. One of the best live baccarat online casinos. Three types of Baccarat, free and real money games, all games from 10 of the most popular providers, a huge welcome bonus and giant jackpots.
  3. Live Baccarat from different providers, a large selection of cryptocurrencies for a deposit, a mobile client, a loyalty program and high rates.

If you want to spend an evening with live Baccarat, then any of these sites will provide this at the highest level.

Live Baccarat bonuses

Besides “Player wins”, “Banker wins” and “Tie” bets, there are also bonus bets in live Baccarat. Additional bets depend on the casino and the type of game. Many of the bonus bets are only available when playing with a live dealer and they give you the opportunity to win much more than a standard bet. Detailed description of bonus bets in live Baccarat online casino:

  • Dragon Bonus. A bet that the hand will be the natural winner, pays 30 to 1.
  • Bellagio Match. A unique bet with a live dealer that you will receive 3 cards of the same kind. It pays 75 to 1.
  • Super 6. A bonus bet that the dealer’s hand will be exactly 6 points, payout is 12 to 1.
  • Royal Match. A bet on that the first two cards will be the King and Queen in the banker’s or player’s hand. It pays 75 to 1.

Each of these bets has different payouts and house edge. If you get tired of the standard Baccarat, then you can take a chance and try to win a big jackpot in one hand.

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