Baccarat is a card game that can be played in almost every casino, online or land-based. It is not overly complicated and depends almost fully on luck. The baccarat rules are ez and worth knowing.

Key rules for beginners

Card game baccarat, rules:

  1. For the game two decks are needed. One of them is first shuffled by the player himself, and then by the dealer.
  2. Players are seated in random order.
  3. The dealer can be a permanent person, or one of the players can be one. And with each end of the game, such a player can change, that is, each time the dealer will be a different person.
  4. More often than not, the baccarat rules do not impose restrictions on the number of players, so they can exit or join the cards game at the stages that are acceptable at that time. However, there are no more than 14 players in different varieties of this game.
  5. Before receiving cards, every player makes a bet. The dealer doubles bets amount.
  6. The cards are dealt. First, each player is given one card in a left-to-right direction, then another card in a right-to-left direction. Thus, all players and the dealer receive cards.
  7. Only number of points, that cards represent, matters.
  8. The object of the game is to get the winning combination of points. A player or a dealer can score no more than 9 points. A combination of 2 cards, giving a total of 9 points, is called natural, it always wins.

There are numbers from 2 to 9 in the game, they correspond to points. The ace is counted for 1 point. Images and numbers 10 are equal to zero in rules of baccarat.

Mini-baccarat rules

Short list of rules:

  • For mini-baccarat, from 6 to 8 ordinary deck are used (without jokers), cards are added after shuffling in a “sabo” – a special box. All played cards are subsequently moved to a special baffle.
  • Mini-baccarat has significantly lower betting limits and this makes the game much more democratic. The bet is the only action that the player must make, the rest of the operations at the table are performed by the dealer. As a result, no problems and difficulties will arise here even for the one who sat down at the gambling table for the first time.
  • A few words about the goal of the game. Mini has no differences from other types of baccarat rules. The same three types of bets – a bet on a player’s victory, a bet on a dealer’s victory, or a bet on a draw. The maximum number of participants for a mini baccarat is 7 people. Accordingly, the same number of markings are applied to the mini-baccarat table.
  • If the player gains more than 10 points, then, in this case, 10 points are subtracted from their sum and the final result is taken into account in the game. Thus, according to the rules of mini-baccarat, the total number of points cannot exceed 9.

Winning combination

The dealer and the player, according to the rules of the game, cannot receive more than 3 cards, and the final victory will be won by the player whose sum of points is as close as possible to 9. If the sum of points is the same, then, in this case, the dealer declares a draw.

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